Divinity: Fallen Heroes won’t be coming to us this year


It is even doubtful whether it will hit next.

As reported by Logic Artists studio, work on Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been suspended until further notice, so we can not count on the premiere before the end of this year. As we read in a statement issued by the developer, after analyzing the deadlines and obligations that the company must meet, the developers decided to postpone the release date of the game.

We regret to inform all players waiting for Fallen Heroes who will have to wait an indefinite amount of time for the game. However, we believe that this title should be created over time and with opportunities that will provide fans with the best product. 

It’s always sad when you have to pause an exciting project, but the realities of work schedules sometimes surprise and no one has any influence 

Working with Larian on their IP was an amazing honor. Our entire team was delighted at how helpful these people are. 

An unpleasant thing and the lack of any indicative date and quite a sad expression of the whole statement can give us food for thought, whether the project will simply not land in the basket.