Google Stadia with final release date. The trailer shows the possibilities of the service

Google Stadia

Google began its conference by revealing the release date of Google Stadia. The service will be available in November and on this occasion we received an interesting trailer presenting all the possibilities of the platform.

Google has already announced a few months ago that it intends to offer Stadia at the end of the year, and now we can confirm – Google Stadia will be available to selected customers from November 19. We can still not talk about the global premiere, because the service will go to selected countries, but there will probably be those who decide to try the new platform.

The corporation also published interesting material that presents all the advantages of Google Stadia. In this case, players can count on easy gaming between devices – customers will get access to a wide set of games and will be able to switch between devices. We can easily change the screen and we can easily start the game on a large TV, and after a while continue playing on the smartphone.

Google Stadia will ensure fun without downloading titles, and according to the information presented – customers should get ready for gameplay in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.