Is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 getting closer? Guerrilla Games is about to reveal the game

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Guerrilla Games has still not confirmed its next plans, but the studio mentioned the desire to develop the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. The new production will probably hit PS5 and developers can get ready for the first presentation.

We still do not know when exactly PlayStation 5 will be presented, but we can suspect that Guerrilla Games will play an important role at the event. The developers develop a secret production, which is probably Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

The game show can take place faster than we think. Darren Randall – the main animator from the Dutch studio – published a series of photos from Goodbye Kansas Studios. This is a company that creates great CGI – they created the promotional material from Cyberpunk 2077 (trailer from E3 2019).

There is no lack of presumption on the Web that Darren Randall was agreeing on a project to prepare the first Horizon Zero Dawn 2 teaser. Sony may mention the development of a new project at the end of the year (PlayStation Experience) or at the beginning of the next (PlayStation Meeting).

These are, of course, guesses, but in our industry similar moves do not happen without a reason, and as you know Guerrilla Games has been working on a still undisclosed title for some time.