LG All-in-one is a 130-inch giant with HDR. The price is down

LG All-in-one

LG has unveiled a new TV set prepared for customers who do not have to worry about bills. The 130-inch LG All-in-one will provide a unique experience, but due to the price – only selected people will learn about the device.

LG has provided a new LED from the LG All-in-One series, which is characterized by a 130-inch display with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The company emphasizes that those interested will generally receive four 55-inch panels and the device has been equipped with a minimum (1.5mm) frame.

The giant, however, is not intended for everyone, because LG offers equipment for business – we can easily connect two sources to it and we can display two presentations or connect in a teleconference.

LG All-in-one also offers interesting sound, because the manufacturer took care of Surface Sound technology – the 162W sound comes from 36 points (4.5W each) and is to reach every person in the conference room.

The equipment was valued at over 328 thousand PLN.