PS5 with huge hits for the premiere? The Last of Us 2, Killzone and more in the OPM survey

The Last of Us 2

From the presentation of new details about the PS5, there is more speculation about the games prepared for the premiere of the new Sony console. Predictions of players heated up the British branch of Official PlayStation Magazine, which exchanged four potential hits for PlayStation 5.

Since yesterday, PlayStation fans are wondering if journalists of the Official PlayStation Magazine could already know the first information about the games prepared for the premiere of PS5. The editors have prepared a very interesting survey in which they ask – “What game will you play on the day of the release of PlayStation 5?”

Four big games appear on the list:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2
  • The Last of Us Part II Online
  • Killzone Online
  • Ghost of Tsushima PS5

We can suspect that Ghost of Tsushima will be one of the cross-generation titles, and Guerrilla Games is developing a secret project, which is supposed to be Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Naughty Dog mentioned the standalone version of The Last of Us 2, which will focus on online duels. And the return of the Killzone brand? It’s no secret that Sony needs a good shooter in its catalog of exclusive games that will attract fans of dynamic gameplay with paws.

The editors, seeing the huge stimulation of PlayStation fans, issued a statement in which it noted that the list of games is “speculation.” Some believe that the OPM survey is not accidental and is designed to stimulate players before the full presentation of titles prepared for PS5.

Which title from the list above would you most like to play?