Resident Evil with fantastic sales results of the whole series!


The Resident Evil series has been known to players around the world for years. The number of copies sold best illustrates this.

The Resident Evil brand experienced highs and lows at the turn of the years, but the recently released remake Resident Evil 2 (2019) showed that there is still a place on the market for old-trained survival horror in the next-gen setting. So Capcom had reason to be satisfied, and we are waiting for further development. The game itself according to recent statistics has hit 4.5 million players around the world. Resident Evil 5 remains the most popular installment, this part has sold 11 million copies. 

More importantly, however, the entire series boasts the result of 91 million units sold. This result will probably be increased with the premiere of Project Resistance, which will offer a cooperative experience in the skin of one of the four available heroes. However, looking at the game experience it can be hard to get around 100 million rounds. All hope in Resident Evil 8 and the Resident Evil 3 remake about which rumors regularly get to us.