The creators of League of Legends revealed: a fighting game, a shooter, a card game, a manager, an animated series and documents

League of Legends

Riot Games in 2018 was a studio that officially developed only League of Legends, but at night the company proved that the letter “S” in the studio name is not accidental. Developers presented a number of new projects.

A special Riot Games broadcast took place at night, during which a significant expansion of the universe was announced. The developers presented a number of productions, thus confirming the new titles – some of them are still in a very early design phase.

Project A – shooter from the creators of League of Legends

“Project A” is a network-based, PVP-based shooter prepared for personal computers. The action takes place on Earth in the future and offers a set of heroes – each has its own unique abilities. The title is in an early stage of development, and all details will be disclosed in 2020.

Project L – a fighting game from the creators of LOL

You could already read about this title in the first leaks and even received a preliminary announcement at the EVO tournament. Riot Games is developing a fighting game in the League of Legends universe and … Here, unfortunately, the details end. Like a shooter, the fighting game needs much more time.

LOL Project F

Project F – Diablo from Riot?

If previous information was insufficient, Project F is basically a memory. Riot Games is also developing a “mysterious game” that received a second interruption – the network is not short of opinions that are preparing action RPG with League of Legends heroes, which is supposed to resemble Diablo.

Legends of Runeterra – a new card game

Finally, the specifics! Legends of Runeterra is a card game containing characters and elements of League of Legends. The creators have already confirmed the possibility of obtaining cards in many ways (free and paid options). The production apparently has a chance to debut in the near future, because some of the lucky ones have already played LoR.

Those interested can now express their will to play.

Arcane – animated series

Do you have few projects in the League of Legends universe? Now the time has come for animation. Arcane is an animated series developed by Riot Games. The action is to focus on two iconic heroes from LOL – the premiere will probably take place only in 2020. Interestingly and notably, developers have long been developing their own animations, which present new heroes.

League of Legends Esports Manager – we will manage

For some time, players have been able to get acquainted with numerous esports managers, and Riot decided not to lag behind and created his own. League of Legends Esports Manager will allow you to manage real teams from LOL and join real players in your formation. The situation is interesting because the production is to be a “living manager” and e-sports teams will receive money for licensing their name and probably the image of players.

League of Legends Origins – will tell you trivia

League of Legends has fans around the world who will now be given the chance to see a full-scale series of documents presenting information from the game world, further exploring the universe. Anything else missing? There was even a documentary film made for Oscar-nominated Leslie Iwerks. The production focuses on developing League of Legends as a game and will also present its community. The premiere took place on Netflix (it is in Poland!) And on other streaming platforms.

As you can see, most projects are in the early design phase, but we can be sure that in the coming years we will often hear about new creations produced by Riot Games.