The success of Final Fantasy VII outside of Japan was reflected in the next parts of the famous series

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII has changed a lot in the cult series and the entire video game industry. As it turns out, the success of the game also had a huge impact on the creation of its continuation.

All slightly older players are waiting for the sensational promise of Final Fantasy VII. Meanwhile, the scriptwriter of the series, Kazushige Nojima, during a conversation with the editors of Famitsu magazine, told how much the original version of the game changed and how much it influenced the creation of Final Fantasy VIII.

As it turns out, the success of the predecessor decided, among other things, about dialogues and jokes appearing in the game, which now had to be much more adapted to European players.

The success of Final Fantasy VII outside of Japan was enormous. From the beginning, we were guided by the goal of creating something that would be even more popular abroad when working on VIII. When we created FF VII, we didn’t even have it in our minds. For example, in the Japanese language version, you can create a dialogue that does not reveal the sex of the person speaking the issues. You can’t do it in English. It will always be he or she. Jokes are another example. Before, I only thought about Japanese players, so word games were not a problem. Later, however, I heard how much work the translators had to transfer the humor and atmosphere of some dialogues. That is why we were thinking about it from the very beginning when we wrote Final Fantasy VIII.

So as you can see, the success of the game outside of Japan has changed the way of creating the next parts of the cult series. Did it have a positive effect on her? This is a subjective issue.