The Witcher 3: Dziki Gon (Switch) on the premiere trailer. A good show of Poles

The Witcher 3

CD Projekt RED took care of the great show of The Witcher 3: Dziki Gon prepared for the Nintendo console. Switcher received the premiere trailer that presents the most important asset of the Polish hit.

The Witcher 3: Dziki Gon is debuting on Nintendo Switch. If you are waiting for a courier with a box, it is definitely worth taking a look at the presentation below, because CD Projekt RED shows in a good way the biggest advantage of the game.

The premiere trailer is not focused on connecting the console to a large screen – that’s what we got. Now The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can be played anywhere, so you can easily take Geralt to bed, for a walk or to the plane.

It’s hard not to see some “compromises”, but you have to remember that CD Projekt RED took care of the giant – these are basically three games filled with great stories, exciting duels and great location of events.