Venom 2 with a new antagonist. Carnage can get a helper

Venom 2

Eddie Brock is facing two opponents in the upcoming “Venom 2”. The creators reportedly decided to add to the script an antagonist who will work with Carnage.

Deadline editors got very interesting information about “Venom 2”. At the beginning of next year, the actors will hit the set and the cast is said to have a new antagonist. The creators want Venom to face the Carnage + Shriek duo.

The information was confirmed by two sources, and a Sony spokesperson declined to comment. However, it should be emphasized that Shriek’s involvement seems very natural – she is the opponent of Spider-Man, who is in love with Cletus Kasadym (Carnage).

The character first appeared in the debut issue of “Spider-Man Unlimited” from 1993. Shriek in comics used interesting powers – he can stimulate “bad” emotions among opponents, uses gusts of energy and can fly. According to the editors, casting for the role of Shriek is still ongoing and the team responsible for “Venoma 2” has not made final decisions about the antagonist.

It is worth adding that the director of “Venom 2” became Andy Serkis and the film is expected to hit the big screen on October 2, 2020.