World of Tanks with ray tracing. Wargaming and Intel will improve the gameplay on every PC

World of Tanks

Wargaming approaches ray tracing in its own way. The company worked with Intel to provide more beautiful tanks to all players. World of Tanks will receive new technology support that will work on all computers.

World of Tanks is still extremely popular, so Wargaming looks after embellishing the game. The company released update 1.0 in March, thanks to which the game runs on a new graphics engine called “Core”, but this is only the beginning of positive changes.

Wargaming works with Intel to provide ray tracing to all players – regardless of their graphics card. How it’s possible? The companies came up with an interesting solution that will ultimately offer all tank fans more beautiful gameplay:

“Using the Intel Embree library (part of the Intel One API), we managed to obtain a solution (created by Wargaming in close cooperation with the Intel Advanced Rendering Engineering team) that allows the processor to make fast, multi-threaded BVH designs, and the graphics card to create ray tracing in shaders . “

The creators of World of Tanks emphasize that the adopted solution allows you to get the desired effect without graphics cards supporting RTX – all you need is DirectX 11 compatible equipment. This is, of course, possible thanks to working on your own engine (the “Core” mentioned above), which will receive realistic shadows based on the update on ray tracing. The creators want to constantly improve their technology by providing players with a unique experience – including full support for real-time ray tracing.

Bronislav Sviglo, head of graphics creation at World of Tanks, commented on the situation with the following words:

“Ray tracing is a revolution in video game graphics that is happening right before our eyes, and we as Wargaming are among those who revolutionize this aspect. Creating ray tracing shadows with Intel is just the beginning. You can check the fruits of our work today by downloading the demonstration program. “

Do you want to find out what it looks like? Download the special World of Tanks Encore RT app to experience the latest. You can get additional details by watching the material below.