Grand Theft Auto VI will appear faster than we think? The actor who plays Trevora responds to fans


That Grand Theft Auto VI is already emerging is a matter of course. But the question is, when will the new version of the most popular gangster series go on sale?

After the completion of works and the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the entire video game industry is almost sure that it is Grand Theft Auto VI will be the next game in the Take-Two and Rockstar publishing plan. 6 years have passed since the premiere of the previous part, and all those who have not got involved in GTA Online are expecting another adventure in the huge world designed by Rockstar.

Every now and then we receive more information telling us where the next GTA action will go and what the plot will focus on. Increasingly, however, we hear about the presumed release date. This is also the case this time, and the source of these revelations is Steven Ogg himself, i.e. the actor playing the role of Grand Theft Auto V – Trevor psychopath. During the Brazil Game Show 2019, he made it quite clear when he thought the new part would appear on store shelves:

Will be coming out soon. Production lasts from 7 to 8 years. Count yourself.

If we look at the release date of the original version V, then its successor should actually appear between 2020-2021. This date, moreover, begins to scroll regularly in all rumors and leaks. Do you think that the next generation start would be a good time for Rockstar to release a candidate for a brick hit and break the bank at the beginning?