Kevin Feige became the god of Marvel. The president will decide the fate of all projects

Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige is no longer solely the president of Marvel Studios. The corporation’s governors decided that he would be responsible for the entirety of Marvel’s work and not only take care of films.

Kevin Feige is considered the father of success for Marvel Studios. Films produced during the boss’s term of office have reached over $26 billion, so Marvel’s executives want the talented creator to be able to decide on other productions as well.

Now Feige will also decide the fate of Marvel Television and Marvel Family Entertainment and basically became the creative director of all Marvel. All departments (along with film) will now be managed by Marvel Studios, and although the president will continue to confess to Alan Hornow and Alan Bergman (Disney), Dan Buckley (president of Marvel Entertainment) has hit Kevin.

The situation is very interesting because the combination of departments (movies, comics, series, animations) is to make all projects more coherent. Feige’s first decision is to check all projects that are still under development.

No specific decisions have been made at the moment, but Feige can use his power in an interesting way and combine movies with all other Marvel projects.