WWE 2K20 ridiculed by fans. The game looks tragic and is overloaded with errors

WWE 2K20

I don’t have the best news for loyal wrestling supporters who intend to reach for WWE 2K20 in the near future. The game is overloaded with various bugs and the career mode looks like a sad joke.

By way of introduction, it is definitely necessary to explain that WWE 2K20 is the first installment of the series, which is not developed by the main team of Yuke’s – the studio has been working on the brand for several years but has been removed from IP. In this situation, we can suspect that only interns stayed with the 2K brand because the materials presented on the Web are comical.

WWE 2K20 is probably not the most-anticipated title of 2019, but it’s hard to understand why 2K Sports wants to launch the game. The production offers a full campaign, which deters with its quality – the sound of the characters is unnatural and ill-chosen, and the cutscenes are just a mockery. Players compare the project with wrestling from PlayStation 2.

It is better not at the time of the fight because the competitors do not resemble their counterparts or are their caricatures. The developers did not deal with refining the animation, so during the duels, we watch strange events, elements of the environment can jam, and too often the characters accelerate or completely slow their movements.