Fallout 76 without human NPCs until 2020. Bethesda is delaying the expected Wastelanders update


Wastelanders will not change Fallout 76 in 2019. Bethesda has delayed the release of the great update, announces changes to the store, will soon launch private servers and has more ideas upcoming for the coming months. The creators are fighting for network production.

The creators of Fallout 76 have been focusing on Wastelanders for the past few weeks, but the biggest addition to the emergence of human NPCs needs more time. The creators want to literally change the whole world by offering the biggest update in the game’s history, but the project requires a few extra months:

“This year we’ve worked very hard on Fallout 76, including our largest free update in history, Wastelanders. We are extremely excited about creating Wastelanders, but to make it the best and most refined update, we will need more time – so we are moving the premiere to the first quarter of next year. We are constantly evaluating and changing various functions to make sure that our work reaches our and your high quality standards. We apologize for this delay, but we assure you that it is worth waiting a little longer. “

Fortunately, the studio did not delay the release of private servers. Next week, all players will get a chance to create their worlds and invite friends to them – Bethesda emphasizes that this feature was the most awaited by players.

Fallout 76 will undergo a lot of changes in the coming months: developers want to throw in the Atomic Store next items identified as “really useful”. Bethesda does not reveal details but will allow players to buy not only cosmetic items – the first repair kits have been adversely received by the community, but according to developers: this is the most popular category in the store.

The studio is aware that by adding items that can also be bought for money (the option to buy Atoms in the store), it must think over every element to the smallest detail, so as not to affect the balance of the games. In Fallout 76 there will also be a rebuilt system of challenges and rewards – next year’s update will make the mechanics more transparent, interesting and meaningful.

“Of course, players can also buy atoms, so we must be careful that what we add to the store does not disturb the balance of the game. Our main goal is to avoid players being able to spend money to gain an advantage or to make other players’ fun worse. What’s more, we want systems that allow players to buy atoms to make the game better for the rest, not just for themselves. Considering this, we make careful decisions about the items offered to make fun fair for everyone. “

By the end of the year, Fallout 76 will receive several more updates that will impact the gameplay and introduce the community-awaited feature improvements. Despite everything, the most important new products will not be released until 2020.

“We hope that the extra time for grinding Wastelanders will allow us to provide many of these patches this year. We are also still working on new events, the legendary player system, a public test server, profit configurations and many other elements. “