Netflix may offer a cheaper subscription in other countries. Would you take advantage of the offer in Poland?

Netflix may offer

Netflix may soon provide a cheaper subscription in more markets. The special version of the platform achieves its first successes and the streaming giant is considering launching a new plan in the next countries.

In July I informed our community about an interesting Netflix plan. The platform has prepared a cheaper subscription, which is currently only available in India, but this may change soon. The company confirmed huge interest in the new offer

Cheaper Netflix subscription

Netflix has been testing a new plan in India for several months – viewers for less than PLN 11 (199 rupees) get access to the entire catalog of the Netflix platform, but can only view it on mobile devices. Pretty soon the proposal was called “mobile Netflix” and it turns out that interest exceeded the company’s expectations.

On Wednesday, there was a meeting with investors at which Greg Peters did not hide that the new plan hit the spot:

“So we are very, very pleased with the mobile plan [in India]. In fact, it works better than we tested. “

The product director also emphasized that Netflix wants to look at other markets and test a new proposal on them. The company has noticed that in many countries there may be a corresponding interest in a smaller form of viewing content.

Cheap Netflix in Poland – would you benefit?

There are currently three plans in Poland – the cheapest costs 34 and the most expensive 52 PLN. The company does not offer a mobile version, but if there was such an option … Would you use a subscription, for example, PLN 15, which would work only on mobile devices?

Netflix in Poland – current plans:

  • Basic – 34 PLN / month (Watch on a maximum of 1 screen at the same time in SD quality. Download video files for 1 phone or tablet)
  • HD standard – 43 PLN / month (Watch on 2 screens at the same time. HD quality available. Download video files for 2 phones or tablets)
  • Premium Ultra HD – 52 PLN / month (Watch on 4 screens simultaneously. Available HD and Ultra HD quality. Download video files on 4 phones or tablets)