A new campaign and updates coming up for World Of Warships Legends


The Atago hunt begins, the French battleships enter the scene and the Transylvania rescue is looming on the horizon

Wargaming has released a new update for World of Warships Legends, which brings with it a new campaign focused on a mighty premium ship. Players will also witness the launch of the French battleships, changes will be made to the commanders’ system and the Transylvania rescue operation will begin.

It will be possible to try out the Atago hunting campaign to grab the famous heavy cruiser. It is a premium level VII Japanese ship that has everything it takes to prove decisive in any type of battle: powerful weapons, devastating torpedoes, speed and a robust armor that allow it to get by in any circumstances and an extraordinary team repair.

World of Warships: Legends’ first-ever PvE operation, the Transylvania bailout, is almost upon us. It will begin on October 26, when players will find three characteristic ships in port: Jackal, Blade, and Igor. These ships can only be used during this operation, which will lead them to confront Rasputin.