A (very expensive) statuette celebrates Marvel’s Spider-Man


If you loved Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, you might love this statuette too – but you will need some money

When gamers fall in love with a video game, they could also fall in love with the memorabilia dedicated to it, be they small gadgets or more sought after collectible figurines. It could also happen to the fans of  Marvel’s Spider-Man, the most recent fatigue of Insomniac Games, which will see the arrival of a new statuette of  Slideshow Collectibles. The cons of this news? Probably the price.

This collector’s piece, which features Spidey in its Advanced Suit, just as we saw it in the game, comes complete with the base and sees our favorite superhero shoot his webs. The Exclusive Edition is also proposed with an adjustable spider web, while the Collector has none. The scale is 1:3 and the total height is about 61 cm.

The question now comes spontaneously: how much will it cost me? Let’s talk about  $ 1,100 (or, if you prefer, $125 a month), with the same price for both editions. If you want to bring more than one home, you can order up to one Exclusive and up to two Collectors. The release is scheduled for the period included in the first quarter of 2021.

If you want to book it, find everything on the official website of the producer.