Destiny 2 launches a charity event

Destiny 2 for PC:

Bungie has announced a charity event for its Destiny 2, which will allow Guardians to do good in the real world

The Guardians that populate the universe of  Destiny 2 – of which today we have examined the new free-to-play course – can now take action to do good even in the real world. Bungie has indeed announced the charity event to support the  Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids Program and Children’s Miracle Network – supporting which you can help sick children in US hospitals.

How to help out? From October 24th to November 10th you can decide to register at this address to host the Destiny fundraising stream. Who will do it, can get prizes based on the goals that the fundraising will be able to achieve?

In particular, on October 29 from 9.00 pm (GMT+2) there will be the start of the twenty-four-hour marathon of the Festival of Lost, which will also host some content creators, hosted by the developers.

With donations you can get different prizes:

  • $10: new Mist Blossoms emblem
  • $50: Mist Blossoms emblem + Charity Ghost + Gilded Shell Exotic Ghost
  • $100: all the previous + one of the prizes of the Bungie Prize Pool

Bungie points out that 100% of what will be donated will actually be donated to charity. For any further details and to make your donation, you can visit this address – with prizes that will be redeemable after the event starts.