GTA 2 turns twenty today


It was October 22nd, 1999 when GTA 2 made its absolute debut on the gaming market

There is no video player in the world who does not know the Grand Theft Auto series. Today, the Rockstar Games franchise is a real institution, also thanks to the success of the most recent chapter,  GTA V, but it was only twenty years ago that we witnessed the debut of  GTA 2, heir to the founder.

On  October 22nd, 1999, the video game made its absolute debut on PlayStation, arriving later also on PC and, in the following year, on Dreamcast and Game Boy Color. The game carried on the unruly, incorrect and violent nature that had brought to the fore the previous episode, condemned for its contents considered “excessive”.

Divided into three different neighborhoods, the game’s unnamed city was populated by several rival gangs, the relationships with which they influenced their chances of wandering freely in the streets: attacking the Zaibatsu or the Yakuza, for example, would reduce the relationship with them – shown by an on-screen indicator – causing their attacks to pass through gang-controlled territories. In total, there were seven bands, different for each district (apart from the Zaibatsu, present in all), also distinguished by special themed cars that could be taken over.

Like the previous one, the game was characterized by the view from above, using which it was possible to walk, hit, kill and of course drive, fulfilling their missions to continue the game.

Exactly twenty years later,  was this your first GTA? What memories do you have, in the company of the genius and recklessness of  GTA 2?