No, you don’t know how to wear Apple Watch, according to Apple


According to Apple, users have not figured out how to properly wear Apple Watch to take advantage of all its features

It seems that, at least for Apple, users find that they wear  Apple Watch in the most complicated way than expected. According to reports from the specialized website  Apple Insider, in fact, the Cupertino company has published a support document on its official website, in which it explains that, in order for all the smartwatch functions to behave correctly, you must wear Apple Watch in a certain way.

In particular, the references are to the strap: beneath the smartwatch, there are sensors that can detect our health-related data, such as heart rate. If the strap were too loose, what was detected by the sensors would not be reliable. It is therefore important for Apple that you fasten your watch so that its back touches the top of your wrist.

Fastening the watch more “free”, allowing it to rotate around your wrist, would make these sensors completely useless. Apple has stressed this to the point of creating an image in which it explains how Watch should be set up.

Have you always brought it the right way or did you prefer to keep it slower?