A dentist spends more than a million dollars on 40 very rare video games


Naierman brought home 40 absolutely impossible to find games, spending over $1 million.

If you think you have a large collection of valuable video games at home, this news could change your mind.

The dentist Eric Naierman has in fact flown to Florida, more precisely to Denver, with the primary intention of enlarging his collection of videogames.

So far, nothing strange: it’s just a shame that at the end of the day, Naierman took home 40 games that are absolutely impossible to find, spending more than $1 million.

The dentist took home some pieces of the coveted “Black Box” series from Nintendo, one of the most coveted in terms of rarity and overall value. Let’s talk about unique pieces like Mario Bros. Arcade Edition (1986), Golf (1985), Balloon Fight (1986) and Gumshoe (1986).

It must be said, however, that Naierman, along with other partners, is a member of the Video Game Club, a sort of “group” that aims to own one of the largest video game collections in the world (if not the largest ever).

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