Also Conan O’Brien among the Death Stranding preppers

Hideo Kojima Will Be at Comic-Con in San Diego: News About Death Stranding for PS4?

A video revealed the collaboration of the famous comedian and conductor with the game of Kojima Productions

Even  Conan O’Brien will be among the preppers that we will meet in the world of Death Stranding: we are talking about the isolated inhabitants of late  America. To confirm this there is a funny video behind the scenes that testifies to the visit of the famous comedian to the Japanese studios of the software house – where his face scan was performed.

To accompany the video, Kojima added that, thanks to this character, it will be possible to obtain an otter suit, through which it will become easier to ford the waterways, without being dragged away by the current. “And BB will be happy too!” Added the game designer, referring to the child in the pod that accompanies the adventures of Sam Porter Bridges.

We also remind you that  Death Stranding will officially debut on November 8th.

What other familiar faces do you hope to see among the Death Stranding preppers?