Announced finalists of the World Arena Championship 2019 Summoners War

World Arena Championship 2019

8 players from all over the world will compete on Saturday 26 October in Paris during Summoners War SWC2019

Com2uS announced who will be the 8 finalists of the World Arena Championship of Summoners War.

The players who will compete in the final for a prize pool of over $ 100,000 will be:

  • Thompsin (Winner of the SWC 2019 Americas Cup)
  • Judas (Third place in the SWC 2019 Asia-Pacific Cup)
  • Diligent (Winner of the SWC 2019 Asia-Pacific Cup)
  • Baus ~ (Runner-up of the SWC 2019 Europe Cup)
  • Rosith (SWC 2019 Europe Cup Winner)
  • Tree (Runner-up of the SWC 2019 Americas Cup)
  • L’Est (SWC2019 China Select Tournament Winner)
  • Lama (Runner-up of the SWC 2019 Asia-Pacific Cup)

The tournament will be broadcast live on channel Youtube of Com2uS and Twitch channel DoubleDamageSW.

Furthermore, following the tournament live, it will be possible to unlock special codes that fans can use to unlock very useful Summoners War items. Finally, both new users and game veterans can already collect in-game points to receive a blessed parchment and conjure up the most successful SWC 2019 monsters for free.

We recall that the title is a mobile RPG that has recorded over 100 million downloads and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.