Let’s see the first gameplay teaser of Command & Conquer Remaster


Electronic Arts have released the first gameplay teaser of  Command & Conquer Remaster.

The movie, which you can see as usual in the player below, allows us to take a first look at the graphic improvements made to this new version of the game, thanks to new sprites and textures of higher quality.

Command & Conquer Remaster will offer the classic 2D view and will try to remain as close as possible to the original, so as to be appreciated by all fans of the series.

EA will use the support of Petroglyph Games for the processing of games and the choice is far from accidental since so many Westwood Studios veterans are part of it. Electronic Arts will also collaborate with Lemon Sky Studios “to offer you the original games in the glory of 4K. Lemon Sky is one of the best studios in the world in terms of the remastering of classic real-time strategies ”. 

A precise release date for the game has not yet been released.