A new trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3 summarizes the various game modes

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s nightmare vacation is about to begin! In fact, only a week is missing when Luigi’s Mansion 3 arrives in stores, a new chapter in the now-famous saga that sees Mario’s cowardly brother in unusual robe tricks.

In the new incarnation of the game, in particular, our mustachioed hero with green dungarees will have to save his friends Mario, Toad, and Peach, inside an ultra-luxury hotel that should have been the ideal place to spend their holidays, but that it hides other horrors inside it.

As the release gets closer and closer, Nintendo has thought of spreading a further trailer of the game, which summarizes a little all that the game has to offer, starting from the different new elements of the gameplay, up to all the new modes present.

We remember for example that it will be possible to complete the adventure also in co-op c with a friend, thanks to the introduction of the character of Gommiluigi ( Gooigi in the original language), a sort of “rubbery” version of Luigi, which it will be possible to use for infiltrating narrow or sharp spaces, otherwise unattainable for poor Luigi .

What do you expect from the new Nintendo exclusive?