Bethesda launches Fallout 1st, but the domain is occupied by a fan for a parody

Fallout 76 Upcoming Changes

In recent days Bethesda has unveiled its premium subscription for Fallout 76, which at the price of 14.99 euros per month, or 119.99 euros per year, will allow players to create alternative worlds in which to play together with up to seven friends, plus to bonuses of various kinds.

Not everyone, however, seems to have taken this decision well, especially as many players have been disappointed by the same Fallout 76, both because of the decision to make the game multiplayer online and because of the various bugs and errors that afflict the game.

The frustration of the fans has created a very special problem for the new subscription mentioned above: the name is indeed Fallout 1st, which however was chosen by a user as the domain of an internet site-parody, which makes fun of Bethesda and its mistakes affecting Fallout 76.

“Since Fallout 76 was launched, we have done absolutely nothing to improve and evolve the experience, based on your feedback of m ****. That’s why we are excited to launch Fallout F *** YOU 1st, a premium subscription useless that offers something that you stupid players are asking from before the launch: private worlds for your idiot friends. So we decided to charge you for it! And in addition to this great feature, Fallout F *** YOU 1st also includes many items and useless bonuses that you can find on my foreskin. it reads in the first lines of the site.

What to say, a really angry fan.