Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: how do you activate the special Halloween quest?

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest

Bloody Harvest is the first main event of Borderlands 3, is dedicated to Halloween, and is finally online with a new special quest to complete. But how do you activate it? If you have played the Gearbox title, you will have noticed that Maurice has arrived on Sanctuary 3.

Talk to the demonic sauro, and he will ask you to go and collect the Achtoplasmas from some ghosts scattered around the galaxy. To complete this first part of the mission, it is sufficient to dedicate some time to the game, going around exterminating enemies, as usual. You will notice that some are surrounded by a bright aura.

Once killed, these enemies will release a spirit, a skull that will begin to twirl above you, which you can hit to get the desired substance. The skulls are of different variations of color, white, red and green, each of which will produce a negative effect, such as an explosion for example, which can damage you, so be careful when you eliminate them.

Once the 25 Achtoplasms have been collected, Maurice will open the gates of hell to you, where you’ll find Captain Haunt, a skeletal and demonic version of Captain Traunt, one of the first bosses at Borderlands 3. To reach it you will have to defeat a series of rather tough enemies, and even the boss himself is pretty tough, so give yourself some good weapons before venturing into the quest.

Once killed, Maurice will give you a lot of money and unlock the second part of the mission, which you can only access once the game is over. However, if you haven’t finished Borderlands 3 yet, don’t worry: the event will go on until December 5th, so you have plenty of time to complete all the challenges that will be required.