Borderlands 3: modders are having fun replacing some movies

Borderlands 3

In the last hours, an interesting discovery has been made by the Borderlands 3 modders, who have realized the possibility of replacing some videos present in the game with any video and, as you can easily imagine, the creations of the users are very popular.

Fans are in fact having fun replacing movies with Lilith that occasionally appear at the top of the screen and, in their place, are placing the most unlikely videos among those available on the web. In the next few hours, it is therefore very likely that on the various social networks can get lots of new videos in which fans of Gearbox looter shooter test their creativity.

Before leaving you with some of the most entertaining ones currently available, we remind you that the Borderlands 3 Halloween themed event is finally available. During the afternoon yesterday, a new patch was also released which also allows console users to take advantage of the Borderlands 3 photo mode.

During this week you will not only be able to take advantage of the new contents related to the Bloody Harvest, but you can also get extra loot thanks to ” Chaos on Twitch”, the new event at Borderlands 3.