Call of Duty: Modern Warfare all the Killstreaks and how to unlock them


The famous Killstreaks could not miss in the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare by Infinity Ward and Activision. In this mini-guide we will list them all, explaining how to unlock them and how to use them on the battlefield in multiplayer games.

Some Killstreaks will be available from the beginning, while others will require you to have reached a certain level with your character. In any case, to unlock and use the Killstreaks in the game it will be necessary to accumulate a certain number of consecutive killings without dying. Below we explain how to get them and use them all.

All the Killstreaks of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Personal radar (3 kills)

  • Unlock level: available from the beginning.
  • Function: An escort drone that reveals nearby enemies on the mini-map.

Turret with shield (3 kills)

  • Unlock level: available from the beginning.
  • Function: A manually screened turret that can be placed on most surfaces.

UAV disturbance (4 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 36.
  • Function: A drone that constantly emits a signal, disabling enemy mini-maps.

UAV (4 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 9.
  • Function: A UAV reconnaissance ship that reveals enemy positions on the mini-map.

Care package (4 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 28.
  • Function: Call a random assistance package in your location.

Cluster Shot (5 kills)

  • Unlock level: available at the beginning
  • Function: It signals a certain number of cluster mortars to hit the designated location.

Missile Cruise (5 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 45
  • Function: Control an enhanced long-range cruise missile.

Precision airstrike (5 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 15
  • Function: Call two twin jets for a precision shot along the best route available.

Infantry assault vehicle (7 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 44
  • Function: A manned light infantry vehicle with a 50 cal machine gun on top.

Sentinel Tower (7 Kills)

  • Unlocking level: 13
  • Function: Automated turret that searches for nearby enemies.

Wheelson (7 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 23
  • Function: UGV remote controlled with a powerful compressed air turret.

Emergency airdrop (8 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 41
  • Function: Call three random assistance packages in your location.

Jet VTOL (8 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 20
  • Function: Release the first burst of missiles before protecting a site chosen by the player.

White phosphorus (10 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 51
  • Function: It covers the battlefield with white phosphorus incendiaries that will weaken the enemy and burn those that get too close.

Chopper Gunner (10 kills)

  • Unlock level: available at the beginning
  • Function: Control an assault helicopter armed with a turret and surface-to-air missiles.

Helo helicopter (11 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 5
  • Function: Calls a heavy assault helicopter with twin turrets to patrol the map.

Gunship (12 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 31
  • Function: A heavy assault cannon with three types of weapons.

Advanced UAV (12 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 48
  • Function: Orbital UAC that reveals the direction of the enemy on the mini-map.

Juggernaut (15 kills)

  • Unlocking level: 55
  • Function: Recalls an assistance package containing Juggernaut assault equipment. The minigun will fall when the Juggernauts die.

If you are curious to see the Killstreaks of Call of Duty Modern Warfare in action, you can take a look at the video we have at the top.

Recall that the new Infinity Ward and Activision FPS is available from October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.