Call of Duty Modern Warfare: problems on Xbox One X, crashes reported to start

Call of Duty

The launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is, like every year, a real media event that attracts millions of players, in recent hours the servers have gone offline due to excessive traffic, but now we report the presence of problems on Xbox One X.

According to the Activision customer support Twitter profile, ” some Xbox One X owners are reporting crashes when Call of Duty Modern Warfare starts “, it is not clear what the cause of this problem is, however, the Infinity Ward developers are working for find a solution and a fix could be distributed in the next few hours.

It is not the first time that AAA games are causing problems on Xbox One X, a similar case had occurred at the launch of Fallout 76, fortunately, everything was solved with a small patch quickly distributed by Bethesda. Even Anthem had problems on Xbox One in the days after launch.

Many players are also reporting problems with the Call of Duty Modern Warfare servers, again this is a known issue and Activision is working to restore the proper functioning of the online infrastructure.