Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Momentum Control mode arrives, first changes to the Triumphs

Destiny 2: Shadoweep

Punctual as ever, the last weekly of Casa Bungie was published in the last few hours, in which the Seattle software house illustrated some of the news coming to Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep and that will involve above all the “New Light” users.

The first novelty concerns the introduction of a new timed mode in the Crucible called Momentum Control, which proposes features diametrically opposed to those seen in Pandemonium. If the other mode was all about Super, it focuses mainly on the use of firearms and will present:

  • immediate respawn
  • weapon damage increased
  • greater resistance during the super
  • ability to recharge melee, grenade and super skills eliminating opponents
  • the frequent appearance of heavy ammunition, able to eliminate opponents with great ease
  • no radar
  • the conquest of the zones is very fast and guarantees many more points with each kill

Waiting to be able to try this new mode, which will arrive next week, we also remind you that drastic changes will soon be implemented to the Triumphs. It will no longer be possible to unblock the previous Triumphs at the exit of Shadowkeep and the seasonal ones will not be completed outside the season.

Bungie also reminded us that with the next reset on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, the “Feast of Lost Souls” Halloween event will arrive, the new dungeon and exotica quest for Xenophagy, the heavy machine gun powered by an alien insect. According to the developers, the new company should give some freedom to the players, who will be able to choose which mode to complete the objectives necessary to obtain the weapon.

Have you already unlocked the exotic Soffio del Leviatano bow in Destiny 2?