Fallout 76: Premium service subscribers run into the first bugs

Fallout 76

It really seems that they don’t want to end the problems for Fallout 76, whose Premium subscription is creating many problems for users who have decided to buy it.

Among the advantages that are guaranteed to Fallout 1st subscribers, we find not only the possibility of creating private servers but also of having access to a sort of bottomless fund in which to deposit the materials for creation, often very heavy. However, a bizarre bug is destroying all the objects that players deposit in the cashier at the next login. This is a very serious problem since some have deposited a large number of materials that may have required several hours of farming.

It also seems that private servers are nothing more than “duplicates” of existing servers since some players have created their own world and then find themselves in front of dead non-player characters and missing objects as if someone had passed there before theirs.

Pending an official response from Bethesda, we remind you that there are many who have protested against the Fallout 76 Premium subscription.

Did you know that the free Wastelanders expansion of Fallout 76 has been postponed and will arrive not before 2020?

Update: Bethesda has confirmed that the private servers created by Fallout 1st users are not “recycled” and that any dead NPCs or empty containers are due to the fact that, regardless of the server you are playing in, Fallout 76 takes into account the actions taken by the player in other games. In a nutshell, if you have already collected some objects on public servers, those emptied containers will remain so even when a private server is created for a certain period of time.