Nioh 2: two new images present us the Yokai Ippon-datara and Oda Nobunaga


In the last hours, the official Nioh 2 Facebook page has been updated with a series of shots thanks to which the presentation of not only a new character but also of one of the dangerous Yokai that we will meet during the adventure, took place.

The character just presented is the legendary Oda Nobunaga, a warrior whose guardian spirit is named Masaru, the divine monkey and messenger of the mountain god Sanno Gonge. The new Yokai is instead Ippon-datara, a creature with only one leg and one eye. As the term datara suggests, which means “forging of iron”, this demon is nothing but the altered form of an old blacksmith who confronts his enemies in combat by using a large incandescent hammer. But it seems that the huge weapon that he carries on his shoulder is not the most dangerous element since he is able to kick the opponent with all his strength thanks to his only leg.

Before leaving you with the images just published, we remind you that the open beta of Nioh 2 will arrive on November 1st 2019 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro and will end on November 10th. The official release date of the game, which will arrive during the first months of next year, is not yet known.