Rainbow Six Siege: an operator coming with Spider-Man inspired skills coming?


Over the years, the roster of operators featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege continues to expand with characters with the most unimaginable skills and gadgets. What if the next operator could climb walls just like Spider-Man?

To seriously consider the ideas are Jean-Baptiste Hallé and Emilien Lomet, two of the Ubisoft shooter designers. Among the possibilities considered for the skills of the next heroes, we find not only the presence of K9 units, but also a gadget that allows scaling any type of surface and, why not, land on the opponents to KO them.

Waiting to be able to find out what the unique characteristics of the operators arriving with the next season of the Year 4 will be, we remind you that the new Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event, during which you can fight in a haunted castle, has just started. and unlock exclusive aesthetic content.

Did you know that Ubisoft has sued one of Rainbow Six Siege’s cheat creators, who recently also appeared in a BBC service?

Have you already unlocked the new Jackal skin exclusively for Twitch Prime subscribers?