Street Fighter 4 was one step away from becoming a turn-based fighting game

Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter is one of the most important brands, probably in the history of video games in general, and fighting games in particular. Yet it too has experienced several periods of ups and downs, such as in 2009, in which after a few uninspired chapters it even risked closure.

The producer Yoshinori Ono talked about it, revealing first of all that Capcom, after being hit particularly badly by the commercial failure of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike and Capcom Vs. SNK was totally opposed to the idea of ​​a Street Fighter 4, so he actually risked to stop abruptly.

Among the ideas to try to revive the game’s destiny, there was one really revolutionary for the story of the saga: Ono decided to make the title a turn-based fighting game. “I had this idea that it would have completely changed the game, making it a turn-based simulation. The player would have chosen the moves to do, placing them in some sort of block, and the game would then have done them automatically.”

In the end, the idea obviously didn’t materialize, and it was fortunate, as Street Fighter 4 turned out to be a great chapter and a turning point for the series that had a definitely brighter future.

What do you think? How would you have seen a turn-based Street Fighter?

The last chapter of the saga came out in 2016.