The Outer Worlds: best perks and skills to unlock in the beginning

The Outer Worlds Is Released on October 25, at the Launch in the Game Pass

Being a real role-playing game, The Outer Worlds allows you to customize your character’s skills thanks to perks. In this mini-guide we report the best perk to be acquired at the beginning of the adventure.

Below we list the best perks that we recommend you get at the beginning of The Outer Worlds.

  • Robustness: This perk increases your maximum health by 50%, allowing you to take more shots before collapsing on the ground. A decidedly useful advantage and we recommend that you unlock as soon as possible, so as to simplify your life.
  • Lethal demonstrations: by acquiring this perk you will get 50% more experience points from the kills performed by your companions. If you decide to tackle a large part of the adventure in the company of someone, it is an advantage that you must not miss.
  • Mule da Soma: with Mulo da Soma you will be able to carry 50kg more weight in your inventory. Since you will find many useful tools and items to take advantage of during the adventure, this perk will allow you to make fewer sacrifices when you have to decide what to bring with you.
  • Soliloquy: this Class 2 perk increases your dialogue skills by 10%. A decidedly useful and interesting advantage, given that The Outer Worlds places a certain emphasis on the choices of dialogue and on the persuasiveness of your character. Unlock it as soon as possible if you want to approach missions with the power of words.
  • Reaper: the game can become difficult if you find yourself outnumbered. This Class 2 perk allows you to restore 15% health after each kill, allowing you to get out of trouble even from the most dangerous situations. Do not hesitate to unlock it as soon as possible.

Remember that the perks (which in the game are called “Benefits”) can be unlocked by spending the relative skill points that you will gain by levelling up. We, therefore, recommend that you invest them wisely, choosing the most useful skills that are right for you.

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