Apex Legends: the Charge Rifle has been weakened; at the start a double XP weekend


Respawn Entertainment has intervened once again to weaken the Charge Rifle, an energy rifle introduced with the third season judged too powerful by the gamer community. The patch was published yesterday evening on all platforms.

First of all, from now on the Charge Rifle will no longer be able to equip extended loaders during matches. To compensate, the basic capacity of the loader mounted on the weapon has been increased to 12 (which is equivalent to 4 gunshots), the same previously guaranteed by the level 1 (gray) charger that could be found on the game map. Respawn has also reduced the rate of fire: the weapon’s laser always charges at the same speed, but now you need to wait a little longer before you can fire a new shot. Finally, the extent of damage over the long-distance has been changed: even if the laser continues to follow a perfectly straight trajectory, from now on it will inflict less damage to the opponents to more than 150 meters (90 points) and even less to those positioned more than 400 meters (only 30 points).

We take this opportunity to inform you that, as part of the Halloween Fear of the Dark event, yesterday evening a double points XP weekend started, which will go on until 28 October. You can get double the experience by winning a game or reaching the Top 5, a bonus that applies to both the player level and the battle pass level.