COD Modern Warfare: for the Platinum trophy it is not necessary to play online


With Call of Duy: Modern Warfare we were finally able to analyze the game’s trophy list on the market, and we realized that to win the coveted Platinum trophy it is not necessary to play online!

The news, we are sure, will make the happiness of many players complete. The new FPS of Infinity Ward is giving away 27 different trophies, divided as follows: 6 of bronze, 15 of Silver, 5 of Gold and, of course, 1 of Platinum. You can get them all by playing the single-player campaign, with no need to access online multiplayer modes, even though they play a leading role in the production economy. In addition to the 27 trophies mentioned above, in reality, there is also another one which requires the completion of all Special Operations cooperative missions: this, however, has been placed in a separate list, therefore it does not contribute to obtaining the most coveted trophy.

On Xbox One, where the Platinum is missing, the Achievements achievable in the campaign offer a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points, to which are added the 50 of the objective dedicated to Special Operations, for a maximum of 1,050 Gamerscore points.