Fallout 76: Bethesda is working to solve the problems of Fallout 1st

Fallout 76

The new Fallout 76 subscription, which takes the name of Fallout 1st, has been met with much criticism from the community. In addition to the inaccessible price, the players complained about a series of bugs that Bethesda committed to correct quickly.

It appears that the service-connected to private servers, which is part of the Fallout 1st offer, does not work properly. Currently, private servers are reachable by anyone in the owner’s friends, even if they have not been directly invited. The problem is serious enough for a game like Fallout 76: many of the players add the users they met (maybe for a few minutes) in the various adventures even if they are not really friends. In this way, the game started on the private server allows the creation of completely random parties. In an interview with Polygon, Bethesda said: “We are trying to provide a solution in the next patch that will allow Fallout 1st members more control over private servers”.

Bethesda considers a “priority” to also solve the problem of objects that disappear from the repository, even if it initially considered it a “display error”. As always, we will keep you updated on upcoming developments.