Fortnite Chapter 2: a fan recreates the scenes of the 2017 announcement video


The content creator known on YouTube under the name of LaffenGas tried to recreate the scenes of the Fortnite Battle Royal video within the new Fortnite Chapter 2 map.

The nice project carried out by YouTuber highlights the many changes made by Epic Games to the game of the most famous and played free shooter game on the planet, but also the equally obvious similarities and similarities with what has been experimented for two years now by the Fortnite enthusiasts. The insights offered by this video are really many and touch on aspects such as the management of traps, the construction system of the structures, the use of objects and vehicles or the modification of settings.

In the numerous Seasons that have followed one another since September 2017 to date, the videogame universe of Fortnite Battle Royale has in fact suffered a surprising number of changes that, however, do not seem to depart from the original vision of Epic Games, even if in this regard should be remember the upheavals that occurred with respect to the very first Fortnite concept and its “spiritual heritage” represented by the Save the World mode .

What do you think of this movie between Fortnite’s past and the future ? Before leaving you to the video of LaffenGas and the first gameplay trailer of Fortnite Battaglia Reale published by Epic in September 2017, we remind you that the price and content of the Halloween The Final Reckoning themed bundle have been recently revealed.

A lot’s changed since Fortnite’s very first Battle Royale trailer so I tried to recreate it in Chapter 2! What do you think? from FortNiteBR