From DOOM to The Witcher 3: the 5 best ports for Nintendo Switch on video

Nintendo Switch Is Updated With the New 8.1.0 Firmware

The arrival of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Nintendo Switch, a conversion deemed impossible until it really materialized on its small screen, made us think back to the numerous postings arrived on the hybrid and that have contributed to enlarge beyond measure his catalog.

It didn’t take long before third parties, mostly left aside during the Wii U generation, noticed the incredible success of Nintendo Switch. Many have therefore worked to bring their top productions to the hybrid, often with operations that are almost miraculous. One of the first to have left the players speechless was DOOM , a game made with a powerful new-generation graphics engine that, with due caution, managed to enter the much more restricted hardware of Nintendo Switch: the resolution is it was cut together with many effects, while the framerate was halved, but the old-school feeling remained intact. The work carried out by Blizzard for Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is also excellent, which does not sacrifice absolutely anything in terms of enjoyment, even when compared with the PC counterpart, allowing players to massacre hordes of demons comfortably on the move.

Those mentioned are not the only deserving portions. To discover the other games in our selection, we invite you to watch the video at the beginning of the news or to read the special on the 5 best ports for Nintendo Switch.