George Miller falls in love with Death Stranding: the director of Mad Max returns to praise Kojima

George Miller

Intercepted by the editors of to retrace his career, the legendary writer and director of the original Mad Max and Fury Road trilogy, George Miller, returned to talk about Death Stranding to spend words on honey for the work of Hideo Kojima.

The Oscar-winning director took advantage of the occasion to confirm that he had established a solid friendship with the father of Metal Gear and to appreciate his creative genius. In sharing his opinion on Death Stranding after trying it behind closed doors, Miller explains that “the skill that I have always observed and admired in the great filmmakers, now I see it in Kojima-san’s work … that genius is all there, it is about putting oneself at the service of one’s audience to offer them an intense experience “ .

The friendship between George Miller and Hideo Kojima was born in 2017 when the boss of Kojima Productions decided, of his own initiative, to “surprise” the Australian author by visiting him in his offices: it was Kojima himself who revealed it in during a recent interview granted to Game Informer journalists, during which he stated that “I am a big Miller fan, I only had a trailer and so showed him what I was doing explaining it to him. He then told me I was right from the point from a mathematical, psychological, physical and philosophical point of view, and this struck me very much”.

The release of Death Stranding is scheduled for November 8 on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.