Media Molecule: games created with Dreams can land on all platforms

Media Molecule

Discussing with the colleagues of of the future of Dreams, Kareen Ettouney confirmed the arrival of Dreams on PS5 and explained, as co-founder and artistic director of Media Molecule, that he wanted to allow users of his ambitious sandbox to publish their games also on other platforms.

In illustrating the long-term plans of the English software house, Ettorney explained that “yes, we want people to be able to even go to the Moon with our projects. We already have a business license, which means that when you try with the Dreams editor and create a game you can apply for a commercial license in your turn. From that point forward, everything you want to do with what you have developed with Dreams will be at your discretion. 

As explained by the manager of Media Molecule, all this can be done through the enhancement of the Dreams functions that will come with the future update of the title: “Currently the game offers very limited export features that only concern in game videos, but we have long-term plans that will allow users to export their games out of the Dreams ecosystem, taking them to other devices and beyond. All you do in Dreams is yours. You can use it. The Dreams community is already using the editor to carry out graphic projects, album covers and stuff like that”.

In light of this important clarification, the recent statements by Media Molecule’s top management on the possible removal of Dreams levels inspired by other video games take on an even deeper meaning, confirming the willingness of the Sony subsidiary to offer the “dreamers” of their sandbox the opportunity to acquire the IP of their original creations and, therefore, to market their fan-made games on non-PlayStation systems such as PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android and, why not, Xbox and Nintendo .