MediEvil: where to find all the Goblets and unlock the Secret Final


In the new MediEvil for PS4, you can collect 20 goblets, thanks to which you can get all the weapons in the game and unlock the secret ending. In this mini-guide, we will explain how and where to get all the glasses of the game.

Almost every level of MediEvil holds a chalice to be obtained. Before picking it up, however, you will need to fill it by killing enough enemies in the level. You can see the filling status of the Chalice by pressing the Touchpad to open the inventory, looking at the indicator at the top right. Once you reach 100%, you can collect the Cup of that stage: but be careful, to get it you will have to complete the level.

The positions of all MediEvil goblets

Below we list the positions of the 20 MediEvil Goblets:

  • Chalice # 1: in the cemetery level, behind a gate to the right of the angel-shaped statue.
  • Chalice # 2: on the level The cemetery hill, inside the prison cells.
  • Chalice # 3: in the level The mausoleum on the hill, behind the secret door in the piano room.
  • Chalice # 4: in the level Return to the cemetery, in the middle of the subway.
  • Chalice # 5: in the levels The enchanted earth / Caves of the ants, you will get the Chalice after saving the sixth fairy.
  • Chalice # 6: in the Scarecrow Fields level, along the path generated by the threshing machine.
  • Chalice # 7: in the level The gorge of the pumpkins, along the tunnel behind the brick wall.
  • Chalice # 8: in the level The Pumpkin Snake, after defeating the Boss King of Pumpkins.
  • Chalice # 9: in the level The sleeping village, behind a brick wall in the fenced area.
  • Chalice # 10: in the level The park of the asylum, next to the elephant.
  • Chalice # 11: in the basement level of the asylum, near the exit.
  • Chalice # 12: in the level, The enchanted Earth, arriving at the cellar with the 4 runes.
  • Chalice # 13: in the Swamp level of the living dead, in the swamp area where you need to find the 8 lost souls linked to the story.
  • Chalice # 14: in the level The lake, after jumping into the frozen whirlpool.
  • Chalice # 15: in the level, The crystal caves, returning back to the left side after killing all the enemies.
  • Chalice # 16: in the level The throat of Gallows, in a passage that you can unlock after crossing the flames that require the armor of the Dragon. You will find the Chalice behind a gate.
  • Chalice # 17: in the level The haunted ruins coming out of the castle, in the area to the left of where you saved the peasants.
  • Chalice # 18: in the level The ghost vessel, after arriving at the top with the elevator.
  • Chalice # 19: in the Vestibule level, taking the right side staircase at the bottom.
  • Chalice # 20: in the Timer level, in the area where the laser grid must be disabled.

If you need a visual reference to more easily locate the exact positions of the 20 MediEvil Goblets, you can watch the video proposed in the opening. If you are interested in unlocking the “King of Cups” trophy, we point out that after collecting the twentieth Calica it will be necessary to enter the Hall of Heroes and redeem the Chalice on the statue placed behind the door.

How to unlock the secret MediEvil ending

Once you get the 20 MediEvil Goblets, to unlock the secret end of the game you just have to defeat Zarok and enjoy the credits. If you are curious to see the ending in question, you can watch the video below (watch out for spoilers!).

Are you having fun with the remake of Sir Daniel Fortesque’s adventure?