One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows: video with Metal Bat and Tank Topper Army

One Punch Man A Hero

The leaders of Bandai Namco re-immerse us in the dimension of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows with unpublished video gameplay focused on the characters of the new action 3 against 3 developed by Spike Chunsoft.

The video you can see at the beginning of the article focuses on Metal Bat and the Tank Topper Army samples , on all Tanktop Black Hole and Tanktop Tiger. Each character will be characterized by its own fighting style and will boast unique gameplay mechanics, with attacks, elusive moves and special abilities to be harmonized with the techniques of the other two heroes to be used in battle. Recently, another video confirmed the presence of Deep Sea King, Mosquito Girl and others in the cast of protagonists of A Hero Nobody Knows.

With this series of explanatory films, Bandai Namco invites us to participate in the next Closed Beta phase which will take place from the morning of November 1st to midnight between the 3rd and 4th of the same month, with participation modalities illustrated by the Japanese videogame giant on these pages.