Payday 2, development restarts after a 10-month stop: paid DLC will arrive

Payday 2

After the huge financial difficulties that brought her to the brink of bankruptcy, caused in large part by the flop of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Starbreeze decided to restart the development of the additional content of Payday 2, its most successful game, after ten months of stop and a long period of internal restructuring.

This was communicated by the CEO of the Swedish company, Mikael Nermark, in an open letter published on the Steam community. The restart of the development coincides with the breaking of the promise made to the fans on the occasion of the publication of the Ultimate Edition, or ” DLC free forever” , since the company has an urgent need for liquidity, as admitted by the CEO himself: “We want to go ahead and create more Payday 2 content, but we need your support to keep producing them “ . From now on, therefore, Overkill Software – the team responsible for development – will produce both free content and paid content. As a result, the Ultimate Edition will be replaced by Payday 2: Legacy Collection, which will include a new menu for in-game purchases.

“Thanks to the incredible commitment of all our employees, we were able to stay afloat, fix our business and start thinking about our future … and our future is Payday,” added Nermark. “The road is still long, but we are beginning to think about what lies ahead” . Meanwhile, work continues on Payday 3, whose launch is scheduled between 2022 and 2023.