Pokémon, a single Pikachu Illustrator card sold for $195,000!


It has already happened to us in the past to see the rarest cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game sold at very high numbers: some players would do anything to get their hands on the most coveted pieces. The sale completed these days, however, is truly unbelievable.

A single Japanese Pikachu Illustrator card in excellent condition was sold in a New York auction house for the price of $195,000! You got it right: it is an astronomical figure, almost twice as high as the previous record of 100 thousand dollars registered on eBay in 2013 for another Pikachu Illustrator card. It is an extremely rare card, based on a drawing by Atsuko Nishida and produced only in 39 copies: therefore, if you are already thinking of running around searching for your collection, know that you have little chance of finding it.

The card in question was assigned to one of the three winners of a contest launched in 1998 by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comics, which asked its readers to design Pokémon for trading cards. Two additional copies were delivered to the other two winners and another 20 to the people who ranked second. Two other contests were launched that year, which awarded the remaining 16 copies.