Pokemon Sword and Shield: the authors discuss the time spent on “improving the tall grass”!

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On the occasion of the last interview granted to the editorial staff of Famitsu, Shigeru Ohmori and Junichi Masuda of Game Freak discussed the graphics of Pokemon Spada and Scudo and the challenges faced from a technological point of view, starting with the efforts made to … improve the ‘tall grass!

According to the director Ohmori, the first challenge of the Game Freak authors was that of the transition from Nintendo 3DS to Switch, especially with regard to the resolution: “Compared to the 3DS, the resolution that we had to achieve has greatly increased, and this has affected on all the other aspects of the game since we had to show more details in the game dimension, from the bigger things to the smaller ones, for example, one of the things we had to work on was the tall grass, which led us to about half a year of discussions and disagreements until it has definitely taken shape “ .

Behind the surprising statement by Ohmori of the time spent (not to say thrown away …) in the realization of an in-game component like tall grass , according to the author of Game Freak, there is the finding that“in the world of Pokemon, tall grass is the place where users and the Pokemon themselves meet. From the gameplay point of view, this aspect is extremely important because players know that if there is any scenario in one tall grass, then it is advisable to take a look at that area to find which Pokemon, hence the doubts about how it should look, how much space to dedicate, how far to observe it, how many graphic resources to dedicate to it and how we should have presented it aesthetically. tall grass influences the characters in the game, so we spent a lot of time with it”.

The launch of Pokemon Sword and Scudo is scheduled for November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.