Teamfight Tactics: the Rise of Elements Invitational is coming!

Teamfight Tactics

With the launch of Rise of the Elements for the Teamfight Tactics autobattler, Riot Games has partnered with Red Bull to kick off a two-day competitive event.

The Rise of the Elements Invitational will present 16 of the best streamer, content creators and influencers between 30 and 31 October. The competitors will compete on a specially built TFT arena, with a dedicated channel for each participant, on YouTube and Twitch.

The 16 players will be divided into two groups to participate in a qualifying match to determine the finalists for day 2. Each group will play five games, with the points that will be awarded to players based on their ranking in the ranking. Players can also earn points from challenges, referred to as ” alternative victory conditions that award extra points “.

So far only 15 players have been announced: there are content creators like Hafu, Scarra, Disguised Toast, Reckful, Kibler, SuperJJ and Sologesang. In addition, Keane, ik4rus, sasa, Rakin, Holythoth, and Duende will participate. G2 Lothar, Phreak, Ovilee and LeTigress will be the casters that will comment on the tournament.

The four players with the most points on the first day will advance to the next. In total, eight players will compete on Day 2 until a competitor has earned three wins. The tournament has a total prize of 150,000 dollars. A personalized Teamfight Tactics jacket will also be awarded to the winner.

In addition to determining the winner, there will be no other rankings: all players who reach Day 2 will earn $10,750. Players who were eliminated on Day 1 will also receive $7,500 each.

Fans watching the tournament will also earn a mysterious emote to be equipped in the game. Obviously you need to connect your Riot Games account to your YouTube or Twitch account.

In short, Riot Games is increasingly opening up to new challenges.